Are you a Wanderoo?

If you indicated that you are Emotional, Detailed, and Individualistic, you are likely a Wanderoo.  Wanderoos perceive the world emotionally and tend to pay attention to detail. They are more focused on their individual needs and will often leave an organization or area/department to find a better fit for their needs and desires.

Wanderoos are the nomads of the herd.  They may move from department to department, or organization to organization by choice.  Wanderoos may enjoy change as it stimulates their emotional needs, or ironically despise it.  They can stay in one area to avoid change, and prefer that stability, while “wandering in their mind.”

Wanderoos are often passionate about their investment of time and energy.  If they cannot see the benefit in what they are doing they are quick to move along to new ground.  They also have an eye for detail and can spot a small problem before it becomes a major issue.

Wanderoos are talented individuals and often very creative though they may not enjoy recognition.  It’s wise to listen carefully to Wanderoos as they will offer unbiased information and unique insights on a wide range of topics.  Their judgement is typically quite honest.  Wanderoos are excellent sources for ideas as well as competitive practices they have learned elsewhere.

Wanderoo Motto: Lending my Talents toward Success

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