Are you a Visiroo?

L H A: The Visiroo

If you indicated you are Logical, Holistic, and Altruistic, you are likely a Visiroo. Visoroos perceive the world logically. They prefer to rely more on their “big picture” or vision of the world. They are typically altruistic in their life, and see leadership as service to others and service to their organization and community.


Visiroos are the “idea engine” of the herd. They are constantly looking beyond the current horizon. They are deeply committed to internal values and not always the leaders of their organization. They have typically reached their convictions through logic and are therefore remarkably grounded in their beliefs and perceptions. From these strong convictions Visiroos usually possess an enormous amount of courage and energy.

Visiroos see the “big picture” and combine this trait with an altruistic commitment that often extends beyond their organization. They can inspire others and possess a passion tempered by logic and experience.

Visiroos feed on opportunities to explore and grow. They can be relentless in their vision, and often miss critical details and concerns of others. Their unyielding courage and endless curiosity gives them a high tolerance for risk and even profound change.

Visiroo Motto: Inspiring all to Thrive through Courage

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