Are you a Vyaroo?

If you indicated that you are Emotional, Holistic, and Individualistic, you are likely a Thrivearoo.  Thrivearoos perceive the world emotionally.  Seeing the big picture, they focus on their individual needs and often challenge the overall direction of an organization.  Such a role can be vital to the long-term success of the culture.

Thrivearoos are the voices of dissent in their organizations.  They are contrarians by nature and will take the opposite position in many situations, just to be certain all options are explored.  Their emotional preferences make them passionate about their concerns.  They are typically good communicators and not afraid to voice these concerns with others.

Thrivearoos can see complex situations clearly given their holistic perspective.  They tend to project future events based on their perceptions and act on what they believe to be true.  Their emotional satisfaction with their organization’s commitment to their individual interest is a strong indicator of culture and any potential for cusp events.

Do not dismiss a Thrivearoo as a disgruntled employee or manager.  They often have valid reasons for their attitudes and can be excellent allies in adjusting organizational culture to thrive in challenging times.  Like a canary in the mine, they can be a silent warning signal offering worthwhile guidance.

The Thrivearoo Motto:  Challenging the Norm with Pride

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