If you indicated that you are Emotional, Detailed, and Altruisitc, you are likely a Morpharoo. Morpharoos perceive the world emotionally, and tend to pay attention to detail. They are typically altruistic in their life and will take on the role of any “roo” to serve the needs of the organization.  Morpharoos adapt to just about anything and can succeed in almost any task.

Morpharoos are the chameleons of the herd.  They possess a combination of traits that makes them suitable to almost any duty assigned to them.   Morpharoos will take on the role needed by their organization even for extended lengths of time.  They are typically passionate about their assigned role and perform with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Morpharoos are typically found within the core of an organizational culture, or close to it.  They are often, but not always, valued by the leaders of the organizations for their supreme adaptability combined with loyalty to the culture.

Morpharoos can be found at supervisory and even executive levels as they often possess the most comprehensive knowledge and history of their organizations.  They have a preference for change and enjoy serving in a variety of positions.

The Morpharoo Motto:  Adapting to Serve wherever Needed

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