Are you a Followroo?

L H I: The Followroo

 If you indicated you are Logical, Holistic, and Individualistic.  You are likely a Followroo.  Followroos perceive the world logically and see the “big picture” or vision of an organization. Remaining focused on their individual needs, they prefer to follow the directions of others and serve the organization through their individual time, energy, and resources.

Followroos value loyalty in their work and lives.  They prefer to be given tasks and specific directions to achieve goals.  They do no usually challenge authority or question leadership.  Followroos are constantly watching the direction of the organization through their holistic constructs.  They are not “blind followers” and must see how their contributions fit the vision and mission of the organization.   If they cannot see their individual benefit, Followroos will join different groups in an organization to seek that fit.

Followroos are usually punctual and orderly and not prone to wide ranges of emotion.  They base their decisions on that logic and will work very hard.  As they value loyalty, they do not give it unconditionally.  Followroos must feel respected and valued.  They must be regularly informed of organizational direction and status to secure their trust.

 The Followroo Motto:  Serving my Organization with Honor

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