Are you a Dataroo?

If you indicated you are Logical, Holistic, and Individualistic, you are likely a Dataroo.  Dataroos perceive the world logically and pay attention to detail. They apply that attention to detail to the logical operation and optimization of the larger group.  Being individualistic, they direct resources first to the group and not outside members.

Dataroos are the statisticians of their organizations.  They are heavily driven by logic and work very hard to help their organization make the best decisions on information.  Dataroos are excellent barometers of equity and fairness.  They are able to see in great detail how the organization directs its resources.

This ability to focus on unbiased information places the Dataroo in a unique position to influence culture.  Do not mistake their individualistic preference for a lack of empathy.  Dataroos are painfully aware of the realties facing their organization and often the first to see challenging times well ahead of their arrival.

Dataroos are highly valued and even more so in this era of analytics.  Datatroos are not limited to executive roles, and can be found in all areas of operation.  They often influence organizational leaders and are critical to the core culture for the information and analysis they provide.

The Dataroo Motto:  Leveraging the Power of Information

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