Are you a Chiparoo?

If you indicated that you are Emotional, Holistic, and Altruistic, you are likely a Chiparoo. Chiparoos perceive the world emotionally and are altruistic in their life, serving or helping others.  They regularly pitch in to help the organization achieve its larger vision. They are the consummate volunteers within their organizations.

Chiparoos are highly motivated individuals.  They are often found on a larger number of committees and task forces than their peers.  While they do not prefer to take on leadership roles, they will do so as needs dictate.  Chiparoos are effective organizers and can rally a group of individuals around a cause given their emotional preferences.

Like Followroos, Chiparoos see the bigger picture of the vision and mission of their organizations.  They commit to this based on their altruistic drive to serve others.  Passion is a major motivator for the Chiparoo.  Once they find a passion, they lock onto it and dedicate large amounts of their time, energy, and resources to the goals aligned with that passion.

You can think of a Chiparoo as the batteries in their organization, providing the energy and motivation through their works to others.  They can get so caught up in that service that they neglect their primary duties.  You may have to tell your Chiparroo to slow down, and focus that amazing energy.  It’s not surprising to find Chiparoos as leaders.

The Chiparoo Motto: Serving our Mission with Passion

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