Are you a Keeparoo?

If you indicated you are Logical, Detailed, and Altruistic, you are likely a Keeparoo.  Keeparoos perceive the world logically and tend to pay attention to detail. They are typically altruistic in their life, focused on serving others.  They tend to concentrate their efforts on their particular part of an organization and serve as a positive role model.

Keeparoos are the managers of their organizations.  They are driven by logic and often feel genuinely committed to their areas of responsibility.  Keeparoos are excellent planners possessing an ability to see the details of any issue.

Keeparoos possess a very deep commitment to others and may not even realize it.  It is this altruistic value that often sustains them when the degree of their responsibilities may be overwhelming to others.  Some Keeparoos may not even be formally serving as supervisors and perceived by leadership to be a Followroo.  They may possess informal authority to the extent that large numbers of organizational members look to them in times of chaos or change.

When Keeparoos do have formal authority, they seek to be good stewards of their power and influence.  They typically exist at the core of an organizational culture but can be moved by cusp events related to their career pathway.

The Keeparoo Motto:  Managing the Chaos through Positivity

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