A Revolutionary Model for Organizational Planning

Organizational Culture Mapping is essential to effective strategic planning. The book contains quantitative instruments empowering you to unleash the full potential of your organizational culture!

Organizations that thrive understand the supreme value of culture.  Successful organizational cultures tend to be led by passionate communicators who drive the core of the culture.  These leaders believe and follow transparency as they constantly build trust and empower members.  They understand the importance of accountability and how to align individual strengths with measurable goals.  Today, they leverage data more than ever as they seek to evolve amidst constant change. None of this can be achieved in the absence of organizational culture.  It is culture, the living values of the organization that must inspire all the members and stakeholders to overcome daily and long-range challenges.

Leveraging the Absolute Power of Organizational Culture

This book and the Organizational Harmonics System offer five rewarding steps to empower you and your organization:

  • Determine your Personal Harmonic Type
  • Discover your Organization’s Harmonic Type
  • Map every employee’s Individual Harmonic Position
  • Define your Organizational Cultural Harmonic Range
  • Leverage the Power of Organizational Culture

It takes more than a strategic plan to thrive in today’s world.  You must have a deep understanding of the culture that characterizes and drives your organization.